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Comfy Chair FAQ

Below is a list of questions we often get about our chairs. If you have any additional questions, please email us at info@ohyeahcomfy.com

Brazilian Cherry? Jatoba? What is this stuff? --Brazilian Cherry is a marketing term made up by the lumber industry. There is no such thing as a Brazilian Cherry tree. Jatoba is a tree native to Brazil. It is beautiful, hard as a rock, rot resistant, and great for outdoor furniture. It is 250% harder than oak, and very similar in characteristics to teak. We love trees as much as beaches, and we are committed to using only sustainably harvested lumber.

Do I ever need to re-apply a finish? --We recommend not re-applying a finish. It comes finished with tung oil. If you leave your chair outside all of the time, in a few months the wood will lighten in color to a silver/gray tone, similar to a teak bench left outside. However, if you store your chair out of the sun when not in use, the wood will actually darken in color. As with any wood product, indoor storage or covering between use, will greatly increase its life expectancy.

What is the fabric and how to do I clean it? -- The fabric is marine-grade Sunbrella. For Sunbrella care, please click here. Generally, simply hosing the fabric down will work.

How high from the ground is each chair? --The Original is 10" off of the ground. The High Boy is 17.5".

Will the wood "check"? --As your chair weathers, particularly if left outside, you may notice small cracks or "checks" on certain parts of the wood. This is natural and normal as the wood expands and contracts outdoors. This will stabilize with time and not compromise the integrity of the chair. This does not always happen.

Can you make me a retractable awning with a built-in misting fan to clamp on the back of the chair? Because that would be awesome. --We get this a lot. We do not make any chair accessories or after-market accessories. But that would be awesome.

Your chair looks really great, but $200 for a beach chair, seriously? -- You value your time, deserve the best and don't want to buy a new chair every year. We use only top quality materials, not cutting any costs for the sake of cutting costs. Each chair is made in Maine; we're committed to producing our product locally and are fortunate to have some of the best craftsman found anywhere. We are proud of the quality of our materials and of our craftsmanship.

What is the best way to convince my spouse that we need these chairs? --Not a counselor, but happy to help. Men, explain to your partner, in detail, how amazing they would look and feel in the chair. Women, simply tell your partner that the chairs turn you on.

What if I have a problem with my chair? --Call or email us. We will make you happy and comfy.

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